Clean Water for All

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

When earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters strike, clean drinking water supplies get disrupted. The cost of transporting high volumes of water or bottled water gets expensive and heavy real quick. Sawyer gravity filtration system and tap filtration systems not only provide significantly more clean water, they also make room for other incredibly important medicine and supplies. A single case of water weighs the same as approximately 60 Sawyer water filtration systems.

These systems use the exact same filters and technology as our domestic retail systems but often with slightly different accessories or components to keep the cost down. Sawyer stockpiles these water filtration systems to deploy to relief partners anywhere in the world. With the help of our amazing partners, we've been able to have help millions of people in countries like Haiti, Japan, Pakistan, Brazil, and Indonesia get back on their feet during a devastating time.

When disasters strike, Sawyer filters are often on site within the first 48 hours. These systems can also provide peace of mind domestically in areas prone to natural disasters or for surprise boil alerts. No electricity, chemicals, or technical training are needed to use our high output filters. International countries and relief organizations appreciate the long-term solution we provide. The Tap filters can provide up to 500 gallons per day and the gravity systems can also provide consistent clean water to families and villages.

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